To serve orphans and widows (James 1:27) and to spread the gospel of the Lord (Matthew 28:18), such that through and for Him, we will accomplish things that are entirely disproportionate to who we are (Matthew 17:20).

2018 Trip

Sometimes we must get out of our comfort zone to learn who we truly are.  From July 6 to July 14, 30 people from Generations church and our community will serve in Guatemala.

We will spend 5 days at a private Christian orphanage called Casa Angelina, where we will serve orphans, build a home for a widow and her family,  and provide dental services to local widows who have never seen a dentist before.

We will also serve at a dump community called the Land of Hope, which serves a community built around the municipal landfill for Escuintla, Guatemala.  While there, we will provide medical services to specific children with known conditions, perform dental services for people who may have never seen a dentist in their life, and just spend time loving on the people in the community.

 Please pray for the trip, that we are able to see God’s hand at work in both Guatemala and in the team member’s lives!


Follow along with live updates from our team.

Hola from Guatemala!

Hola from Guatemala!

This trip has been an amazing experience for me and everyone else! One of my favorite parts so far, has been working at the Casa Angelina Orphanage. We split into teams, and I ended up on the team that cleaned the inside of water tanks.

Now these water tanks weren’t tiny; they are about five meters high! Since I was the smallest person there, they had me crawl into the tanks and clean them. Because of Fuego’s eruption, the tanks have been full of water mixed with sand and ash. The work was hard and honestly pretty gross, but every time I felt discouraged, I would just think of the smiles on the kids’ faces when they saw that they had clean water to shower in. That made it all worth it.

All in all, the work down here in Guatemala is hard, and different than what we are used to, but every single second is worth it just for those kiddos.

God is good!!  See you all soon!


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Casa Angelina – Whittakers

“I can’t get over how much this kid has stolen and impacted my heart this week. The connection I have made with him is like no other.  ❤️ Just getting to share the love of Christ has strengthened my heart so much.”

–  Peyton Whittaker


“Loving on God’s children is a treasured gift we have experienced differently here in Guatemala, as sisters.  This trip has truly impacted us in so many ways, including bringing us closer as sisters. ❤️ “

– Whittaker girls

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Bus to Casa Angelina

Each morning at 7:30 AM the bus to Casa Angelina departs. 30 excited travellers sit aboard,wondering what lay ahead in the day.  We skirt Antigua, take the old highway up to CA-9 through majestic scenery. It’s not uncommon to see a family of four on a motorcycle, a small pickup carrying twice what it should possibly be able to hold, various livestock inside and outside vehicles, and ‘carloads’ of people on their way to work.

When we get to Chimaltenango, the scenery changes. Now we are witness in passing, to store fronts of various function and repute, curbside vendors, squealing ambulances, honking chicken busses, and the whistles of traffic control officers.  Surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of a mid-size central American city, we may get stuck in traffic for 15 minutes or two hours, depending on the day.

Once past Chimaltenango, we eventually turn up the Cobblestone Road to the Orphanage, which passes through the local Village of Taluche. We pass more motorcycles, houses, churches, a sugar shack or two (junk food stores), farm workers,  families, and residents. Eventually, the familiar red roofs of the orphanage come into view – we have arrived!

The mission partners we have in Guatemala are amazing. The children are beautiful. The scenery is amazing. The work is hard, taxing, exhausting, and rewarding. But the bus rides are special. It’s when we decompress, share, laugh, plan, and dream. It’s where we read, write, pray, and sleep.  It’s one more place where this group of friends, slowly becomes a family.


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Land of Hope – Jynelle

When we arrived at Land of Hope, I expected a heavy atmosphere, and the feeling of despair to be there. Instead, we were greeted with an openness and joy. God was there. Yes, there was garbage there….a lot of garbage. There was malnutrition, but I am told that has improved drastically. There was smoke in the air from burning garbage. But then I realized that the Gospel was there too.

I was sitting on the ground with some little boys looking through a Bible in graphic novel form, so there were a lot of pictures. One of the boys would flip through the book pointing at various Bible characters, and was expecting me to tell them who they were. Noah, Abraham, Elizabeth and Mary; then we came across Jesus. That is some Spanish I know!  We saw a picture of Jesus on the cross. The boy stopped and pointed to Jesus and waited for me to identify him. Then the boy pointed to the cross and identified it in Spanish, he pointed to the nail pierced hands of Jesus and said something in Spanish I didn’t understand. He saw my look of confusion as I couldn’t figure out what he was saying, and he picked up a crayon and used it as a pretend nail, making a hammering motion down on it while he had it placed on the palm if his hand. That is the Gospel!!  Regardless of this boy’s past or future, he was carrying around the Gospel. The Bible says the Word of God will not return void. It has a purpose and it gets into your heart.

My prayer is that the Gospel continues to be put into the heart of this boy. As he grows and learns, the Gospel will continue to grow into him.

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