In traveling to Guatemala, we desire to build longstanding relationships that will change lives, both at home and abroad, in the short and long term.  We go to serve orphans and widows (James 1:27), to serve the needy (Deuteronomy 15:11), and to spread the gospel of the Lord (Matthew 28:18). We believe that, through Christ, we can accomplish things that are entirely disproportionate to who we are (Matthew 17:20), and in doing so, that we will be transformed into who God wants us to be (Romans 12:2).


And They’re Off!

The morning started off great;  a beautiful day to be serving the Lord! It had been raining quite a bit before we got here, and we marvel that it has been sunny and dry.

We take the drive every day to Casa Angelina, an hour bus ride to our work sites.  When we arrive, we have about an hour of worship, and the logistics of our day. We were honored with an amazing testimony of one of the orphan girls, who has been through unspeakable tragedy. YET, the summary of her testimony was how to live like a free person, in Christ. She said her tragedy kept her enslaved to others, to sin, and to a life that was soul crushing. We marveled at how a young person can get up and be so vulnerable and share such a difficult testimony…and offer forgiveness to her offenders. Then we joyfully cried that her life course, has given way to the ability for her to attend college in the US for…aeronautical engineering, no less. God is good!

Our work took each of us in different directions today. Some painted the school at the orphanage, some were muddied from working on the floor at the new church building site, some worked in the dental clinic, some worked on a security wall, some worked by making crafts for the kids, some worked welding, and some were the photographers.  Together the stories of what was accomplished today were amazing. As we continue to work and grow together, we see the hand of God at work.

Our worship time was incredible this evening; moving and inspirational. Each of us was given a card, hand picked with scripture that was specific for each of us. Tears filled the room as we saw how God had spoken a word over each of us. Several shared their cards and how it spoke specifically to them.

Our journey thus far has drawn us closer, made us more empathetic, has given us perspective, and we will leave forever changed. We thank all of you who are praying for our journey.

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Two Worlds Collide

Casa Angelina orphanage is nestled on the hills of lush, fertile grounds where anything grows…avocado trees, broccoli, carrots, cabbage. It’s an abundance of richness and its hillsides boast of life and living yet in its irony lives widows, orphans and villagers who live in extreme poverty. We received ‘blessing’ when we visited two widows who were in their 90’s. The first blessing was being able to see them, their environment, and the simple life in which they live. The second blessing was watching one of the widows sing, and pray and bless us. There was not a dry eye in the crowd. Her story was one of inspiration, joy and pure, unadulterated love for Her Lord.

We enjoyed the tour of the Casa Angelina facilities as well as being able to hear the stories, the vision and the dreams of the staff. It didn’t escape us that God has done amazing things here!  It also inspired us when the family who started the Casa Angelina vision passed the torch to us stating, “God has big plans in store for each of you!”

The children were sweet, and each of us grabbed a child, kicked a ball, ran with them, pushed them on a swing. And the little babies caught the eyes of every mother, as we took turns holding them and gawking and wondering …how this tiny babe got to be here.

Our eyes have been opened, our hearts tugged at, and we will forever be changed as we accept the very thought that without Christ, we are in essence orphans ourselves. Our two worlds have collided and God continues to move us here.



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A Day Of Worship

Today was a day full of activities – a rest day -before we start our intensive work week. We started with a trip to the cross that sits above the ancient city of Antigua. The views are breathtaking! The cross,  a reminder of why we are here and how we can serve. Our next stop brought us to a morning of worship and reading/teaching from Revelation at Calvary Chapel. We met under a tent in the open air, praising God, and giving Him glory.  We stopped and enjoyed lunch at a quaint restaurant while the staff entertained us with music and dancing.  We enjoyed our next stop at a family owned and operated coffee plantation. We received a tour of the plantation from the planting of the coffee to the farming, harvesting, grinding, roasting, and finally tasting.  It was an amazing experience. As we have closed our day, we settled into worship, sharing, a time of testimony, and getting to know each other more intimately. We look forward to tomorrow as our work week begins. Thank you Generations Church for your continued prayers!

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God is On the Move –

Landing in Guatemala City this evening was an amazing experience. New for some, reminiscent for others.  As we drove through the city, traffic was stirring, the city was bustling. The sights here are always amazing. Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King are larger than life and we were amused at the double even triple floors of the restaurants. As we made our way into the quieter more peaceful area of Antigua, a team member pointed, “Oh my goodness, what is that?” We all peered out the window, one team member even pressing their nose against the glass. The volcano had just magnificently erupted,  with hot, red embers flowing down the crest of the mountain. A thought, ‘Lord stir up something in us, equivalent to an eruption, awaken our spirit to what you have called us here for. Become larger than life, a double, triple floor of blessing that we may see you and know you more. 

Sitting at a spaghetti dinner, team members were talking about why they came. “I am hoping to meet God here,” one said. “I’m hoping for healing here.”  another pondered. We all have reasons for being here.

Lord, meet us here. Stir our hearts. Light a fire in our soul.




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Let the work begin!

When we visited the Land of Hope in March, they had recently finished construction on a brick and mortar building that was to serve as a medical clinic on the grounds.  Since then, they have finished and painted the building, but still had yet to provide security or shelving for the clinic.  As part of our service in Guatemala, we budgeted for these items, and we received word late last week that the work has been completed! While this is awesome, it gets even better – the work was completed by an unemployed welder who lives in the San Gabriel community surrounding the dump.  Before we have even arrived, God has provided  infrastructure improvements, blessing to a local family, and investment of the local community into the Land of Hope ministry.  We can’t WAIT to see what God does next!





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Let the packing begin!

Over the past few weeks, our team has been collecting items to take to Guatemala…  and the results have been AMAZING!

GWC showered us with donations from our September ONE THING collection, allowing us to create over 100 hygiene kits for families at the Land of Hope! These kits contain items such as soap, shampoo, hair ties, Combs, deodorant, and etc.  It is both amazing and humbling to know that these items will be gifted to people who will truly appreciate them!  Also, local businesses and hospitals have donated PILES of unused medical items that can be used to stock medical clinics in Guatemala.

THANK YOU for your generous support and prayer for this effort!  For those of you who are feeling called to still help more – we need you!  We are in need of empty suitcases to transport items and cash to pay for baggage fees as we travel.  Every item, every suitcase, and every dollar will go DIRECTLY to people with immediate needs.  The conditions at the garbage dump community can be particularly deplorable.  Every blessing matters.


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The backstory

When a group of 32 people from GWC went to Guatemala in March, there were some things they knew, and some things they didn’t know.

They knew they were called to go abroad.  They knew they would see and hear things that they could never experience at home.  They knew they would be dirty and uncomfortable, but working to support Godly missions in impoverished areas.

They did not know that a similar group from church would return again in October.  They didn’t know they would be talking about filling a train car with medical supplies for a clinic. They didn’t know they would find a new family.  And, they didn’t know that this 9 day trip was the beginning of a multi-year effort.

On October 14, 23 people from Northern Colorado will fly to Guatemala City, and many hours later arrive at a hotel outside of Antigua for an intense week of serving orphans and widows. Follow this blog as we prepare to travel, and to catch updates as we are on the Ground in Guatemala.



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We’d love to keep you updated.