Casa Angelina Orphanage Update

This is my second trip to Guatemala.  Today we went to Casa Angelina orphanage, this was our orientation day with touring the facility and visiting several of the widows homes that the orphanage supports.  It was a hike up the steep hill to see the completed Church, but it was well worth it.  Thanks to my new friend, Jim who held onto my hand and helped me get to the top of the hill!

Next, we visited two of the widows homes to bless them with prayer and food.  I think they actually bless us more than we do them.

After the construction of a widows home has been completed, there is a ceremony to bless the home before the family moves in.  I witnessed one of these ceremonies on my first trip and I’ll be able to observe another ceremony at the end of this week.

The second widow we saw had just moved into her house in March.  There was a blessing ceremony completed and everyone thought that she moved right into her new home, but that wasn’t the case.  One of the workers stopped by her house a few days later and found her still in her old house that was just across the yard from her new house, she asked her why she wasn’t living in her new home yet?  She replied that she also wanted to have her minister from the village bless her house and he wasn’t able to be there for a couple of days!

You don’t see that happen very often in the United States!  The people here in Guatemala are so appreciative to God for everything that they have!  This was amazing to hear this women’s story!

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  • Carley Hazelton

    I’m so proud of your group doing the Lord’s work among the least of these! God bless you all.

  • Pamela Hungenberg

    Loved the photo of everyone waving! I also loved the story of the widow wanting her house to be blessed 🙂 It humbles me. You guys are doing great stuff and the ripple effect of each day that you love on these people will last for a really long time… for them and for you! You are loved, Pam

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