Casa Angelina

Today was one of the most emotional days of the trip, if not the most emotional day. We were able to finish Maria’s (the widow) house and were able to pray over her and her house, which was such a blessing. To see the completion of what we had been working on all week was so incredible to feel and be part of. It was also a very sad day as we had to say goodbye to all of the children we met and the friends that we had made over the week. While in the midst of sadness there was also hope and excitement for the next time we would get to see them. We had the opportunity to experience a performance by the kids which was amazing and such a gift. By the end of the week we truly felt like we were part of these kids’ families and we were loved by them, which was such a blessing to feel. It was truly a wonderful time that I wasn’t prepared to experience, but I am so grateful for the opportunity and everything that came with it.

– Austin Buckley

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