Lasting Effects

To be honest, today was not my favorite day…by a long shot.  Part of our group worked a challenging task of scraping rust off of a metal staircase. It was tedious work and not 30 minutes after we called it a day, it started raining.  I was left with a defeated attitude and was bitter about the whole day as we embarked on the long bus ride back to the hotel.

As I was sinking deeper into my own thoughts, I was asked to write this blog post. God is funny that way.  I started to script in my head a message about patience and endurance, a lament of sorts, then God spoke through a friend when we were discussing the futility of the rust.  He said, “Each move we make, makes it easier for the next guy.” Each move matters… even the ones where we don’t feel like we got anywhere or accomplished anything.

So we’ll thank God for the opportunities we have to scrap some rust or paint a wall, let a child play with our phone, then get a good nights rest and move again tomorrow because the effects of our work here will have an impact long after we are gone.
– Willy Maxwell

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  • Pamela Hungenberg

    Well said….Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Rose

    Your last sentence Willy, truly says it All! Traveling mercies for you All ❤️

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