SUB30 is a ministry that provides opportunity for emerging adults, 18-30 years of age, to find their people and find their place.

Community is the heart of what we do. We have weekly small groups and monthly gatherings.

Monthly Gatherings

3rd Sunday Lunch
Join us for worship at 10:45 followed by free lunch and community.
  • June 16
  • July 21

Weekly Small Groups

College Girls Group
Join us for a small group that brings young women still in the midst of school together in community. We will meet one evening a week to study and discuss the Word either through a book study, or a video format. Interested? Contact Tessa Smith at (970) 397-6535 or tessas@wearegenerations.church

Post College Woman’s Group
The adult life brings about many changes, and finding community in the midst of all of that can be difficult. Join other young women who are post-college or in the workforce to study the Word together each week. Contact Jaylin Chacon at (970) 590-8579 or at jaylinc@wearegenerations.church

College Guys Group
This is an opportunity to come together with other men who are also in the middle of figuring out school and life. Here you will develop meaningful friendships as we gather weekly to study the Word. Contact Andrew at (970) 888-4715.

Post College Guys Group
Connecting with other like-minded people can be hard after college or in the work-world. Join us for a weekly small group of young men in the working world to study the Word and build meaningful community in the midst of life change. Contact Andrew at (970) 888-4715.

Young Couples
This group is for young couples (married or not) to meet weekly spending time studying the Bible, sharing and building community with each other. Contact Amber at (262) 893-3234 or amberheidbrink@gmail.com


For further information on events happening at SUB30, join our ‘Generations SUB30’ Facebook group or email us with the button below.
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