To serve orphans and widows (James 1:27) and to spread the gospel of the Lord (Matthew 28:18), such that through and for Him, we will accomplish things that are entirely disproportionate to who we are (Matthew 17:20).

2019 Trip

We have a team serving in Guatemala June 7 – 15. Stay up to date with their trip with the blog below.

Casa Angelina

Today was one of the most emotional days of the trip, if not the most emotional day. We were able to finish Maria’s (the widow) house and were able to pray over her and her house, which was such a blessing. To see the completion of what we had been working on all week was […]

The Least of These

We arrived at a new village today. Aceituno was hot, humid, and had lots of people to serve. As CYCY and I were standing outside on the patio where the Dental room was being held, we noticed a woman walking towards a stone wall, where she sat and waited.  CYCY said.” Look at her, she’s adorable.” […]

Lasting Effects

To be honest, today was not my favorite day…by a long shot.  Part of our group worked a challenging task of scraping rust off of a metal staircase. It was tedious work and not 30 minutes after we called it a day, it started raining.  I was left with a defeated attitude and was bitter about the […]

Land of Hope – Volcano Damage

When in Guatemala, not everything goes according to the plan we have set out. Sometimes God leads us in different directions. The other day, the dental and medical team were out to the Land of Hope when we passed by what looked like a huge trench. Alejandro told us it was from the volcano that […]

Widows Home

So today we worked on the widows home When we got there all Of the materials had been moved in. We  met the crew at the home In the morning and a few of us cranked out the roof just before lunch and then the rest of the team was laying cement down.  After another […]

Casa Angelina Orphanage Update

This is my second trip to Guatemala.  Today we went to Casa Angelina orphanage, this was our orientation day with touring the facility and visiting several of the widows homes that the orphanage supports.  It was a hike up the steep hill to see the completed Church, but it was well worth it.  Thanks to […]

Dental & Medical Team Update

Our medical and dental teams saw close to 150 combined and were able to help a lot of the surrounding communities in the Land of Hope, with antibiotics, medicines, teeth cleanings and dental extractions. For those of us who have come before, it was exciting to get to see how much healthier these communities have […]

A Day of Learning

On Sunday our team had a day of learning in Guatalemala.  We travelled throughout this beautiful country, learning about the history, geography, and culture of the people we have been called to serve.  After a boat ride across Lake Atitlan, we learned about how the local people have made and colored cotton thread for centuries […]

Land of Hope – 1st Day

The very first time we saw the land of Hope in 2017, conditions were hard. Oscar, the pastor at the land of Hope, was doing his very best to meet the needs of a large and desperate population with very limited resource. The needs didn’t take long to see. People were in poor physical health, […]

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