“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”
1 Peter 4:8-9
Neighborly is our monthly focus to help spread the love and generosity of Jesus in tangible, impactful ways to those around us, across the street and across the world. Each month we focus on a different area of need, finding ways that any and all can be involved in making our communities stronger.
Greeley & Online Campus:

Girl’s Orphanage Expansion

One of the key ways your money is being put to use in Bangladesh is through supporting a girl’s orphanage. As of right now there are 40 girls between the ages of 4 and 14 living in the home. Thanks to you, they are also given the opportunity to go through schooling, receive an education, and have their basic needs met. God has been doing some amazing things in the lives of these girls, and He’s opening the door to do even more. With your support, a second level is being added to the orphanage that will allow 50 more girls to find a home!

Farming Operation

Another way your giving supports those in Bangladesh is through a sustainable farm. This farm is attached to the orphanage as one of the avenues in which they receive financial support. As the farm grows, so do the opportunities for the orphanage and the amount of girls they are able to support. The goal is for the farm to have 15 cows that will cost $500 a month to keep healthy and productive. This would lead to the whole operation being self-sustainable, which is their ultimate goal. Thank you for your support!

Church Plants

The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh was established in 2012, and through your faithful support there are now 61 churches. Most of these churches are in rural villages and 95% of the people in these churches are direct converts from Islam. God is moving mountains in Bangladesh, and we have an opportunity to take part in the continued expansion of churches. The goal for the end of the year is to have 80 churches present all across the country of Bangladesh. Jesus is changing lives through these communities, and through your continued support the Gospel can continue to reach unreached people.

Regional Center – Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh

Through your generosity of Missions at Generations, we have also been able to support the creation of a National Office in Bangladesh. This office plays a major role in keeping the churches and leaders connected, otherwise they would become unsupported and disconnected from the Wesleyan church as a whole. Every organization needs a structure, and the goal is to update their current structure. We have the opportunity to help by creating 6 new regional offices across the country that allows for better training and equipping of the pastors serving in their local towns or villages. Please continue to pray for these regional centers to be created and for the pastors in each regional center.
select ‘missions fund’ when giving. 
Windsor Campus:
Throughout the next few weeks, we will be harvesting volunteers to support foster families in Weld County. Through an organization called 7th Day Respite we will provide a moment of rest and care for as many families as we can! Ranging commitment levels are available as you can become a licensed respite provider, or simply sign up to drop off a meal or do some laundry for a foster family, so anyone and everyone can sign up!

Hit the button below to sign up for one of the various ways you can support a family.

Our Neighborly Challenge is that every person at Generations practices hospitality in thoughtful and creative ways within their circle of influence.  In their neighborhood.  At church.  At work.  In the community.  And in our world.
Beyond that, as a church, we’re passionate about connecting those who might be missed.  Would you or a loved one like a phone call, a virtual visit, a meal, an errand run or have any need we can meet?  Or do you have something to offer and time or ability to go beyond your circle of influence to do that?
Either way, let us know by clicking the button below.


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