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Mission and Rhythms

Why do we exist as a church?


We exist to help one more person find and follow Jesus.

We believe that Jesus changes everything. We believe that a personal relationship with Him is essential to finding true purpose and joy. No matter your age or background, it’s never too late to find Jesus. He’ll meet you right where you’re at.


Worship Faithfully

In essence, worship is to regard with unreserved devotion. Every one of us at some point has to make a heart, soul, and mind decision that Jesus is worth our devotion. [Matthew 22:37]
Why? Our best life comes when we are devoted to the creator rather than created things.

Connect Intentionally

We are devoted to temple [rows] and table [circles] moments that provide the setting where God can show up and bring transformation. [Acts 2:42-47]
Why? Because our best life comes when we make faith a team event.

Serve Sacrificially

We are most like Jesus when we serve. When church includes others, and what we can do to serve others and help them see Jesus, the opportunities are endless. [Luke 22:26-27]
Why? Because our best life comes when we no longer see ourselves as the point.

Give Generously

Being generous pleases God and imparts a blessing both to the person who is receiving and to the person who is giving. [1 Timothy 6:17-19]
Why? Because our best life comes when we learn to trust God by practicing generosity.


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