At Home Children’s Experience
This Week’s Main Point:
Another “new attitude” that we need to choose is that of BELIEVING.  Today kids will learn that faith is simply the act of believing in something that you cannot see.  Each time we believe that Jesus is with us, that Jesus will hear and that Jesus will help us … is a time when our faith gets stronger. The world will tell us that we can’t believe in anyone but ourselves and our hard work.  That is wrong.  We are helpless without Jesus and that belief starts in the “attitude of our mind.”  When we believe in Him, we choose life and life to the fullest.
Worship Experience & Bible Story Video, downloadable actives below.
Worship Experience & Bible Story Video, downloadable actives below.
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“When it comes to talking to kids about racism, many parents are uncertain about how to talk about it with their kids. And while we want to address it, we wish we could shelter them from ever witnessing anything so reminiscent of our dark and painful history. But somehow, we know that part of the solution for change starts with us.” Click the button below for a great parenting blog.
Parent Cue – free web and app resource designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and better future.  ** Includes recent article on coaching children through fear associated with coronavirus. 
RightNow Media – kinda like netflix for churches – thousands of videos for kid’s and adults searchable by age, topic, etc.  ** Provided for free by Generations to families, but requires login.  To set up your free account, click here.  What’s RightNow Media? Check out a quick intro video here.
Family Time Training – has set up a “home-bound” big green button for FREE activities.


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