Land Of Hope – From Harley

I met this sweet, manipulative, cute little boy when we served at the Land of Hope yesterday. While there we had the privilege of seeing the love of God through each and every one of the young children, and their mothers and grandmothers.

It was quite overwhelming when we first arrived, trying to process everything. It could have been the fact that the smell of the local dump was consuming all of my senses, or seeing all of the joy as the little kids ran up to the vans welcoming us to their home. Last night back at the hotel I had a hard time processing everything. Then today we went and toured Antigua, ate delicious food, and it wasn’t until tonight during worship that everything really hit me and I realized a lot of different things from the previous day.

Those kids and women don’t get to eat three times a day like we have had the privilege of doing. They are living in conditions where they might not even get a bed to sleep in at night. I can’t help but feel guilty, hurt, and many other emotions thinking about how privileged we actually are. But the thing that hits me the hardest is seeing all of the smiles and hearing all of the cute little laughs from each and every one of the beautiful people we served yesterday. They could’ve stayed in their homes and hid the whole day, instead they were out there enjoying all the company and things we brought with us.

Sitting here in the hotel tonight made me realize that even though they are living in the worst conditions ever, the love of God is still shining bright in the Land of Hope and things there are only getting better and better because of it.  


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