Land of Hope – Church Update

At the Land of Hope, there is a church. It is half built, and has no roof, only makeshift tarps supported by beams salvaged in the dump. The floors are dirty concrete, and there are no doors or windows. It is one of the most beautiful churches you will ever see.

When our team first visited in 2017, there was no church. There was only dirt in that place, with a couple of large trees. The people had a vision of a church there, so out of faith, with no promise of funding or delivery, they started clearing the ground.

Today what was the dirt is now the frame of a building. What was a tree is now a BEAUTIFUL wooden cross. And what was uncertainty is now God’s provision, tangibly demonstrated, built by God, through men. You see, this place is not complete, but it is already impactful. This is where the community gathers to eat and socialize. It is where they hold devotions. And even though the building is not complete, this church is used, as a church, even on this day!

God continues to deliver. Through partnership with Servants of Christ International, members of Generations Church and others, donated funds to finish the first floor of the church! It is through this kind of support that God delivers His will. Join us in prayer for this church and it’s community, as this plan, continues to unfold!


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