Widow’s House

Being a widow in Guatemala is not an easy life.  What Matters Ministries not only supports orphans at Casa Angelina, but also supports vulnerable widows in local villages by building houses and providing basic nutritional and medical care.  While our tram travels, God has provided the resources needed to build a widow’s home! Below is the information we have about the beautiful lady we will be serving. Please join us in prayer for her, and her family, through the this transition!

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the widow Piedad Calan Luch! She is over 80 years old! We don’t have any official paperwork for her age/birth etc because all of her documents were stolen from her.

From the photos below and the videos (which I will send next), you can see the state of her “home”. We found her living like this, in total poverty. Her house is made of mud, sticks and plastic. It is literally one of the worst homes I have ever seen…..

Over 35 years ago she was widowed. Her husband was shot and murdered in the fields, and Piedad was left alone with 6 children and absolutely no income. Her and her children suffered greatly and often starved, having no food.

I spoke with one of her daughters, who now is in her 40’s, and she was crying saying how they suffered often with no food. Sadly, 4 of her 6 children have already passed away from different sicknesses. All of Piedad’s things were stolen, including her documents. And for the last decade she has been living in complete and total poverty with nothing to her name.

But even in the state she is living in, she has taken in her cousin Jose to live with her. She shares her home with him, to help him out. He also is in his 80’s and has some help issues and has been abandoned by all of his family.

One of Piedad’s daughters is married and her husband has given this small piece of land (where he current house is located) for us to build her a home on. We are so excited to see a miracle change in her life because for the first time ever she will be living in her own home! A safe home! A warm home!

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