Widow’s House – Melissa

Today I had the privilege of working on the widow Piedad’s house. 10 of us, along with some local men carried supplies, roofed, painted and mixed and laid concrete. I can’t even describe the joy and excitement on the faces of Piedad, her daughter, her grandson and granddaughter’s faces. They talked to us, hugged us and even painted a bit.

While I was painting the doorway, I had an overwhelming feeling to pray over it. As I prayed, I thought of all the people that will come in and out of that door. How she can, for the first time in her life, be so proud and feel completely safe in her home. That door is more than a door. It is an opportunity to share Jesus with others and to love on people. We all have that opportunity but so often we forget how fortunate we are to have a door to welcome people into our world.


  • Sharon

    You are blessed to be a blessing, my girl.

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