Land of Hope

These pictures are from the Land of Hope. The first is from October 2017, of a little boy Aticar being held by an older sister Maria. Aticar comes from a large family, and when we saw him last October in our medical clinic, his mom was expecting another baby. Aticar had malnutrition. If you look closely you can see it from his light hair, of which he had very little hair, and from his large belly; we treated him for a Urinary Tract Infection and Scabies. That same day, we also passed out baby formula after a Women’s Bible Study. Aticar’s mother received some, and most likely divided it up amongst all of the siblings.

Now, 9 months later, we had another medical clinic. Aticar did not come in for any needs this time, but I ran into him and one of his brothers as we were leaving. In the second picture below, he has lots of dark hair and full cheeks now!  The kids in general were healthier this time, less scabies and illnesses. This is a great testimony to Oscar’s ongoing BuildingGuate Ministry here. Without Oscar doing God’s work in this place, this little boy and so many others may not even be alive today.


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